News: Latest Additions and Pending Features

NOTICEIf you're still using 2.x framework version and desire documentation, go to www2.lucinda-framework.com or, if still using 1.x, visit old.lucinda-framework.com instead. Since neither will be developed on (except on bug fixing), upgrade is strongly recommended!

What's New

What's New In Version 4.1

Code quality improvements suggested by matching apis code with popular code static analysis tools:

Recommendations were only followed if they provided a real positive improvement in code quality/readability (some, like adding underscores at the beginning of private method names, are of very little value)!

What's New In Version 4.0

Purely aesthetic upgrade from version 3.3 (starts with same logic) mainly featuring:

Version 3.3 Available!

A new Console MVC API was created to handle console requests into responses + complete refactoring of Console API to feature a HTML-like templating engine for formatting console responses:
Version 3.3 Upgrade

Version 3.2 Available!

Classes referenced in XML for all APIs as well as classes in framework skeleton were required instead of being autoloaded. To enforce structural symmetry and ease of development, now ALL resources will be autoloaded regardless where they originate from:
Version 3.2 Upgrade

Version 3.1 Available!

MVC APIs in framework version 3.0 shared a significant amount of logic (namely everything about response rendering and the fundamentals behind application configuration). For that reason a new API had to be developed and framework needed to change too:
Version 3.1 Upgrade

What's New In Version 3.0

Framework has been upgraded to 3.0 version, featuring:

What's Planned

Following extra features are pending development: