Blog: Guiding Principles Behind Framework

Art of Computer Programming

Art, as a byproduct of someone's neverending quest towards achieving aesthetic perfection, can be applied to any human endeavor that aims at achieving condensed beauty: be it in music, science or computer programming. How can a programmer create a work of art?


Why Was This Framework Created

There are many PHP frameworks out there so why bother and create another one? This framework actually grew out of exasperation while having to work with some of most popular ones: can't I create something that is not bloated and messy, something that is a joy working with?


Why Were Some Full-stack Features Omitted

Why is framework having no ORM, no autowiring or other "cool" features that adorn popular frameworks but chooses minimalism and modularity instead in order to obtain high performance and scalability, scraping all parts of "full stack standards" incompatible with that idea.


Features Missing In PHP That Would Have Made Framework Even Better

Framework would have gained in structural integrity had PHP support some key features present in other programming languages: consistent error management and data type declarations, enums and many others. Why did I miss and how did I handle their absence?