Blog: Guiding Principles Behind Framework

Art of Computer Programming

Before talking about art of programming, let's ask ourselves: what is art after all? Is art anything that manages to find an army of adepts that call it as such or is there something that can objectively be quantified, traversed by a common goal regardless of means?


Why Was This Framework Created

There are so many PHP frameworks on the market, some with a immense popularity (Symfony, Laravel), so why bother to create another one? The answer is simple: they aren't good enough! Any software should serve its end users first and foremost, which means when developing a framework performance concerns should come first instead of becoming a sidenote.


How Was This Framework Done

Standing on an aesthetic foundation, framework ended up as integration tool of pluggable functionalities assembled into independent APIs, each dedicated to an aspect of a web application's logic. Framework is the ultimate assembly unit that works like a web application skeleton onto which developer assembles his code in order to have a fully working site.


Features Missing in PHP

One can safely say that in its current form PHP no longer impares developers from creating satisfactory software. Why can't we build something more than satisfactory in this language (and this framework from becoming perfect software applying art of computer programming from top to bottom)? Here is a list of most important shortcomings PHP developers will have to face: