Benchmarks: PHP Frameworks Compared

How fast are most popular PHP frameworks and how do they compete against Lucinda? Benchmark results in requests-per-second (higher is better) prove that latter, being designed with efficiency at its foundation, is many times faster than all others in all scenarios tested:

Benchmark Methodology

The main point was to make all benchmarks honest and independently reproductible, so each framework was installed as a separate project using default factory settings on same machine, same web server using similar virtual host settings (if possible).

What we desire to test is MVC performance of each framework (their kernels: routing, controlling, templating) on following simple scenarios:

Each framework was installed as a separate project, bound to a local domain named by FRAMEWORK itself (eg: laravel project => www.laravel.local), then configured to do above tasks. To understand how this was done or reproduce benchmarks on your own machine, check methodology section! Once done, each configuration was benchmarked using following commands:

ab -n 100000 -c10 http://www.FRAMEWORK.local/test/html ab -n 100000 -c10 http://www.FRAMEWORK.local/test/json

Benchmark Results

Benchmark results in requests-per-second based on FRAMEWORK (for performance tweaks, click on framework name) and route requested were (for detailed results, click on the numbers):

Framework test/html test/json

Configuration of machine results were obtained on: