About Author: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

There is no intellectual joy greater than "the pleasure of finding things out". You are starting as a child faced with a web of unknown then do the polar opposite of looking the other way: you become dedicated at knowing what lies behind apparent chaos then building theories by systematically arranging what you discovered already.

Nourishing the Garden of Earthly Delights

This pleasure has been the my garden of earthly delights for as long as I remember. It gave me endless intellectual and emotional satisfaction and that's where art comes as lifelong companion. For me, the beauty of order would be sterile without art: a Bach's fugue is a necessary emotional complement that drives achivement of perfection in programming.

Becoming a Programmer

I've started programming as late as age 25 and my first impressions were actually negative. I've discovered you're neither expected nor encouraged to think: as a student you must mindlessly memorize theories and as an employee you must concede at being a robot that munches through bloated catastrophic code to get a paycheck or face authorities you have nothing to learn from.

Meeting the Pit of Damnation

Looking at with catastrophic code and people that authored it, I couldn't help noticing some obvious patterns: what makes code so bad is that it consolidates a pit of damnation, a place where ugliness and disorder reigns supreme. How fitting that authors, apart of being stupid and incompetent, had lowest moral qualities and no sense of beauty whatsoever! Would anyone expect angels in hell?

Setting Goal of Creating Beautiful and Orderly Code

To transform programming into a vehicle of intellectual and emotional satisfaction, beauty and order must naturally exude from it. To produce beauty and order isn't possible unless you've practiced this already for other venues to highten your aesthetic standards. If that's true, your will only need to learn the language itself then practice for a solution for problem given until it fits your aesthetic sense.

Building This Framework

This framework was first and foremost an intellectual exercise of massive scale. "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it", said Michelangelo. You will never know what lies behind that block of stone until you remove last pieces of rabble, so the process itself adds pure excitement on top of aesthetic satisfaction on masterpiece about to be produced.

The Goals

Creating a framework that is absolutely modular: each aspect of a web application logic dedicated to an independent API, perfectly usable from outside framework, able to be reassembled elsewhere. Framework's job remains that of integration and nothing more!

The Means

A set of principles (harmony, simplicity and efficiency) in development "powered by" Art of Fugue (mostly) then months of arduous work to make every part in the puzzle fit perfectly: from code itself to architecture and documentation.

The Results

Assessing results of your own work will always be relative, but judging by any objective criteria (performance, modularity, elegance) framework is up to highest standards, an exercise of art of computer programming inspired by Bach's pursuit of beauty and order through simplicity.